The CoCoSL Project brings together an international and interdisciplinary team of Authors. CoCoSL Authors comprise experts in the field, including academicians and practitioners, who are distinguished members of the space law and space sciences communities. Jurists, policy makers and technicians bring a unique synergy to the CoCoSL project by providing diverse perspectives and in-depth analysis in their contributions.

A main goal of the commentary is to contribute to a common understanding of the corpus iuris spatialis. With this in mind, 44 authors, three generations, space lawyers as well as technicians, from academia and practice undertook to preserve the substance of UN space law in a spirit of consensus. Three books with over 1300 pages of commentary is the impressive account of what they have achieved. The international authorship represents 20 countries from 5 continents and thereby is a prime example for international cooperation and capacity building over geographical and political borders.