The Cologne Commentary on Space Law (CoCoSL) is a joint undertaking between the Institute of Air and Space Law of the University of Cologne and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). It is based on the synergy of their successful cooperation on “Project 2001” and “Project 2001 Plus”. This sustained collaboration synthesises the scientific and scholastic proficiency of the Institute and the practical and technical capacity of DLR. Leveraging this unique partnership, provides a commentary on the output of forty extremely successful years of space law-making, in a format useful to academics, practitioners and technicians from the field of space law and beyond.


CoCoSL comprises a three-volume, provision-by-provision Commentary on the five United Nations treaties on Outer Space and the relevant major UN General Assembly Resolutions. The Commentary is written entirely in English.


CoCoSL takes a closer look at the written norms of space law taking also into account space law provisions developed outside the UN as well as the associated State practice with a special focus on the European perspective of space activities and space law.