In Memoriam Prof. Vladimír Kopal

In Memoriam

Prof. Vladimir Kopal

Professor Vladimír Kopal (1928 – 2014)


The CoCoSL Project-team is sad to note the passing of our friend, author and Member of our Scientific Advisory Board, Vladimír Kopal, on 27 January 2014. Prof. Kopal was among the faithful companions in the project, which he, in his unique expertise, assisted with guidance and support. Like no one else, he witnessed the debates in UNCOPUOS in the various positions he held since 1962, as a delegate of his country, as UN-Officer and as chairman of the Legal Subcommittee from 1999 until 2003 and, again, from 2008 until 2009. His wealth of experience was coupled with a clear perspective on the problems of the future. He courageously addressed and defended issues without being influenced by appropriateness. We cherish his clear affirmation of the value and the role of the legal debate in Legal Subcommittee and for the further development of the COPUOS SDM Guidelines into an UNGA Resolution. In many respects, he was ahead of his time. To us, he, together with his relentless commitment, was a motivation and a challenge at the same time. Of his several awards we would like to mention the Award of the IAF for his dedication to the development of international cooperation in space activities for peaceful purposes, a certificate of the IISL as distinguished author and participant in the development of international space law, a golden medal of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences for his contribution to the progressive development of international law and a golden medal of the Hermann Oberth Society for the development of international cooperation in space activities. Prof. Kopal will be sadly missed, both professionally and especially personally. This volume is dedicated to his honor and commemoration.